About Us


Intensive production network makes quality products, accepts customer and human resource as the most valuable asset,

It is one of the locomotives of the Turkish economy that transfers its experiences and experiences to new products.

Is to become an important ready-to-wear supplier in the long term by operating on clothing in the textile market.


To understand the customer needs in detail, "Plan, Apply, Check, Take Precaution" principles for all production stages

We are a textile company that produces perfect products with zero tolerance to quality and terminology.

About Us

In parallel with 15 years of experience in planting and developments in Turkey's ready-to-wear sector,

Has started its commercial life in order to present it to its customers.

In the meantime, cooperations have been established with leading textile companies of Turkey and the world through "intermediary service".

In addition to preparing new designs in the area of ​​knitting and knitting with innovative and sustainable goals,

As an aim to meet the needs it has determined.

It is conscious of serving the human-focused sector in the stages of production and consumption. For this reason, it is the most valuable source of the company.

Moda Time TFR Textile which performs its productions in sister company ASAF Textile is in full capacity operation

It can produce 100.000 pieces per month.

For this reason, it is a boutique company that gives higher quality products with maximum attention to every detail.

In order to offer faultless products

Plan - Apply - Check Take Precaution.